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Hohenstaufen Dynasty Sancta Propago

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The Annales Xantenses or Annals of Xanten are a series of annals written, probably at Lorsch for the period 832 to 952 and at Cologne for the period until 873. The Lorsch author is probably Gerward, a royal chaplain, but the continuator is unknown. For that period (832–873) they present an independent source to augment the other Reichsannalen.

[edit] Sources
Annales Aprilis Sancta Propago Stoffensi Domi

Avril de Saint Genis Saintonge
Medieval Sourcebook: Annals of Xanten, 845-853.
Reuter, Timothy (trans.) The Annals of Fulda. (Manchester Medieval series, Ninth-Century Histories, Volume II.) Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1992.

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